Jared’s Donation

I donated to https://twloha.com/, To Write Love on her arms, one of my favorite organizations and to https://www.highergroundanimalsanctuary.org/, my fiance’s favorite organization. Thank you!

Alex Z’s Donation

Thanks Nick, Tyler, and Jeff for this amazing opportunity! I donated to Shriners this year, as its near and dear to my heart.  Shriners has helped over 1.4 million children, all because of donations.

Josh’s Donation

First off, thanks to Nick, Tyler and Jeff for this opportunity every year. This year we donated to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. It cost about $2.8 million a day to run the hospital. They provide no cost treatment to the families in their care. However more importantly they are continually researching cures for childhood …

RJ’s Donation

This year I donated to an animal rescue that my family and a few close friends are particularly fond of as they have all adopted pupperonies from this organization.  Rescue4All  https://www.rescue4all.org/ takes in dogs who are out of options. They provide safe, loving foster homes during their “in between” time where they learn valuable life & social skills …

Brandon D’s Donation

I chose to donate to the National Math + Science Initiative to give more students across the country access to the high-quality STEM education that they’ll need for success in college and career. http://www.nms.org

Laura’s Donation

This year I donated to YWCA Spokane because they work to support people impacted by domestic violence, homelessness and unemployment. Spokane county has the highest rate of domestic violence incidents in Washington. YWCA Spokane provides: Housing, counseling, safety planning and legal services to DV survivors Financial education, employment support, job training and other economic advancement services …

Travis’ Donation

I chose to donate to Cup of Cool Water and The Vanesa Behan crisis center. These are both amazing organizations that are there to help small children and youth in our local community.  I’m grateful we have organizations like this in Spokane and that I had this chance to help them out.

Bryan’s Donation

We decided to donate to Murci’s Mission because Katie puts a ton of effort into the animals that come into her shelter. Not only does she care for the animals’ medical needs, she spends time with them to learn their behavioral problems and will accommodate them accordingly. Katie is one of the best advocates for …