Brandon’s Donation

I decided to go with non profit healthcare. Seems like a good idea considering the times. “Your gift helps ensure that Planned Parenthood health centers can continue to be there for patients who often have nowhere else to go for high-quality, affordable reproductive health care.”

Patrick’s Donation

I decided to donate my allotment (with a personal match) to 2nd Harvest. There’s nothing more fundamental to the spirit of community than helping a neighbor when they need it and, of course, food is something that every single human being needs.

Travis’s Donation

I donated to Vanessa Behan. Now more than ever people need the services they offer. My wife encouraged me to donate to them again this year and I was more than happy to do so.

Steve’s Donation

We love to get our kids involved in this opportunity, so this year we asked them where they would like to donate money to. Sarah (10) chose 2nd Harvest, to help people with food needs. Faith (11) chose World Relief, to help refugees in the Spokane area. Nate (13) chose Wounded Warrior, to help veterans. Thanks …

Jon’s Donation

Same as every year my donation went to the Vanessa Behan Crisis Nursery. This year has severely impacted everyone, but many at risk children lost their only safe place in school. Thanks Nick and Tyler for doing this every year, it’s great! Especially this year.