Jeremy M’s Donation

Every year I’ve chosen the ALS Association in honor of Akhil who I met in 2014. When I met Akhil he had already been diagnosed for a couple years. I saw first hand how the ALS Association helped make him and his family more comfortable living with the disease. Thank you Nick and Tyler for sharing your gift of giving. I think about Akhil throughout the year but really take in this moment to share in his memory.
For those peeps curious about the ALS Association, The ALS Association is an organization dedicated to serving patients and families afflicted with ALS in a number of ways. Not only does the Association contribute funds toward researching the disease in hopes of bettering the future for ALS patients, but also focuses on improving the conditions of those affected now. The ALSA provides support through a variety of channels, including numerous support groups, dedicated social workers, and a community of people familiar with each others’ struggles. While an ALS diagnosis is emotionally taxing, it can be financially devastating as well. Medical equipment necessary to increase an ALS patient’s longevity is unaffordable in most cases. Constant care is required in later stages of the disease, a burden which tends to fall on the shoulders of a family member if affordable care is unavailable. The ALS Association works hard to resolve these issues by offering a loan service for equipment and complimentary hours of in-home care. Though a cure is a hope for the future, the ALS Association provides services that alleviate some of the discomforts of the present for thousands of families across the nation.

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