Allison’s Donation

First and foremost, I want to share my gratitude to Nick and Tyler for giving us the opportunity to participate in the spirit of giving each holiday season. It’s such a unique gift we have at Seven2, and I absolutely¬†don’t take it for granted!
This year, Ty and I decided to split the funds up. First, we picked a family of 6 from the Tree of Sharing and purchased gifts they needed for the holiday. That totaled about $100. I always enjoy putting the work in to shop for needed gifts instead of just giving a monetary donation!
With the remaining¬†$300 (plus some additional we put in ourselves), we donated to the Innovia Foundation’s “Pine Creek Fund” to help with the rebuild efforts from the fires that swept through Malden and Pine Creek last fall. The first four homes begin construction today. And a plus, they aren’t taking any fees from the donations – 100% of the funds go towards purchasing construction materials for the rebuilds. Labor is being handled by volunteer workers.
Ty’s family has history in Pine Creek dating back 5 generations, so the fires really hit the family hard. Ty recently visited the area and took a photo of one of his family member’s gravestones in the Pine Creek cemetery. I attached that photo here along with a handful of other photos that his parents took when visiting the area last fall.
Again, thank you so much, Nick and Tyler, for this opportunity! It not only helps connect all of us at Seven2, but it provides an opportunity for Ty and I to join forces in doing something meaningful, and needed, for the community.

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