Zach C’s Donation

The IRC supports refugees all around the world whose lives have been affected by conflict and/or disaster. They help individuals and families overcome all kinds of difficulties that come along with having to seek asylum, with basically no belongings, often in a foreign┬ácountry. They’re one of the main resources helping people get settled and establish stable lives after being displaced.
They provide everything from the basics like water, medical care, and education to help with more complicated stuff like human rights advocacy and awareness, conflict mitigation, small business support, financial coaching, etc… They even help reunite families who have become separated.
I only heard about the IRC for the first time recently and their work immediately felt super important. Once I looked further into it, my choice this year became very easy. I’ve previously never even thought about what it would be like to have to even think about needing to travel, leaving everything in my life behind, to seek refuge in another place. That is an extremely fortunate thing for me that I take for granted every single day and have never even realized it.
It’s really great to know that organizations like the IRC exist and work to help those who have to face such awful situations. I’m so grateful to Nick and Tyler for, yet again, sending support out through so many different channels… this one and all of the others.

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