Steve’s Donation

I married an American in NZ and four years later we moved to Spokane with two kids. The sum of our possessions were in the eight suitcases on the plane with us. Then we started from scratch. I had everything in my favor, but it was still a challenge.
World Relief “is committed to helping refugees and immigrants from all countries resettle and rebuild their lives“. This month they will help settle 27 families in the area. They are not likely to speak english like I do, they don’t have family here to help the transition like I did, and they are likely to arrive with a fraction of the belongings that my family came with.
So this year we took our kids and purchased a bunch of ‘Welcome Basket’ supplies to donate to World Relief that they will pass on to families arriving in Spokane with pretty much nothing. Sheets, toothpaste, clocks, razors, cleaning supplies, can openers, kitchen knives are just a few of the supplies we were able to purchase. They had closed over the holiday, so we had to wait till today to drop it all off.
Thanks Tyler, Nick and Jeff for this opportunity. It’s something I look forward to every year, and am always challenged by your generosity.
Steve and Family.
Here is a photo of my kids with the donations.

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