Sarah’s Donation

This year I donated on Giving Tuesday through Facebook while FB was matching a lot of organizations donations. I also matched Nick & Tyler’s money so I could spread the money out through a few different organizations that are important to me. Thank you to all of you for your hard work this past year and to Nick & Tyler for providing us with this great and important opportunity to give back.
Sarcoma Foundation of America
This one is for my amazingly strong brother in law John who was diagnosed with a very rare sarcoma almost 3 years ago on his 27th birthday. He has been fighting this terrible battle for almost 3 years defeating all the odds. Since what he has is so rare, he has had to be his best advocate in doing his own research and getting himself into studies/treatments which is why this foundation is so important. 
SUDC Foundation
This one is for Savannah my Goddaughter and niece watching over all of us from heaven. My brother in law Mitchell and sister in law Erica lost their beautiful almost 2 year old daughter earlier this year to sudden unexplained death in childhood. SUDC Foundation has been a great resource for them in their healing and grieving process.
National Kidney Foundation
This is for my dad and my Aunt Gail. My dad struggled with a chronic kidney disease for most of my life. He was lucky enough to be the recipient of a random donor for his first transplant that lasted about 10 years. His second transplant was GRACIOUSLY donated by my beautiful Aunt Gail, my dad’s sister. This kept my dad alive for almost 20 years. Almost double the expectancy. We lost my dad at a young age of 70, but we would have lost him much earlier if it weren’t for the kidney donations. I am forever grateful.
Brain & Behavior Research Foundation
This ones for my mom who passed away at age 58 and struggled most of her adult life with mental illness. Most people in my everyday life never got a chance to meet her. They were robbed of meeting a brilliant, hysterical, beautiful woman. She struggled every single day of her life, through the highs and lows. I hope this research will help people struggling either now or in the future.

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