Kipp’s Donation

This year, we donated to Odyssey Youth Movement again. It is such an important charity, and makes a huge impact to a vulnerable population of Spokane kids.

Odyssey Youth Movement offers a number of programs each designed to improve the lives of gay (LGBTQ+) youth here in our area.

Some of you may not be aware of this statistic, but approximately 40 percent of homeless youth in the US identify as LGBTQ+. Many gay kids don’t have the same kind of support structure that other kids have such as their family, schools, churches, etc. After being bullied at school, some kids come home to parents and family who are also unsupportive or verbally abusive.

Odyssey Youth Movement helps Spokane kids and young adults by providing a crisis hotline, drop-in center, social support, and a Safer Schools program to extend support into local schools. They have a number of other clubs and activities for young people too which let these kids feel loved and, most importantly, not alone.

Having a support structure can mean everything, and they have been providing that for a very long time. I went there when I was 19, and I’m so happy that they are able to continue operating due to generous contributions from the community. Thank you so much, Nick and Tyler, for helping to support such an important organization!

Odyssey Youth Center Website:

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