Avery’s Donation

Thank you Nick and Tyler for giving us this opportunity! What a unique blessing to be able to donate to an organization close to our hearts.
For the second year in a row, my donation went to Project Unconditional Love, a nonprofit dedicate to serving Spokane’s homeless pets. Avery Plank, a sophomore at Mt. Spokane, founded Project Unconditional Love after recognizing the bond between the homeless and their pets. He saw the unconditional love these pets were giving their owners, and wanted to help. Avery was raised with very little, but his parents instilled the value of giving back and serving those less fortunate than him. He noticed when he served food to the homeless, that they immediately shared their food with their pet before eating themselves. Seeing this need, Avery reached out to businesses such as Northwest Seed & Pet, Natural Grocers, North 40, Costco, URM, and others asking them for broken or expired (sell by date) bags of cat and dog food. He bags the pet food in individual gallon zip lock bags, and passes it out every Wednesday night at Blessings Under the Bridge. He started in May 2015, and has not missed a Wednesday night since.
I was able to match this donation, and my parents matched it as well (they are incredible, hence fostering the stray cat that had kittens…), allowing us to donate $750.00 to an incredibly deserving cause. Along with food he provides: jackets, leashes, collars, access to vaccinations and other health services these pets need. Avery has also set up donation barrels at both Northwest Seed & Pet Stores.
For more information, visit his Website or find PUL on Facebook. Or feel free to reach out to me if you’d like to get involved. ☺

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