Amy’s Donation

My kids go to Mullan Road Elementary, which is up on the South Hill, surrounded by homes and apartments. You’d never think it, but I recently learned that a large number of children at that school are actually homeless. Some kids live out of cars and some live at area shelters, such as UGM. Wherever they are, they’re all dealing with hardships that I can’t even imagine.

School offers them friendships, food, and the normalcy of a happy childhood that they deserve. But many of these kids are absent for the majority of the school year.

So I chose to make my donation to Mullan Road’s Care and Concern program. Through the school’s Parent Teacher Group, this program will see that the money goes directly to these children that need it, for whatever they need, including gas money for their parents to get them to school.
Thank you, Nick and Tyler for the opportunity to help these kids out!

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