Allison’s Donation

First off, thank you again to Nick and Tyler for being generous enough to allow us to participate in the spirit of giving with Seven2. It’s such a unique gesture and one that I am super grateful for.
This year, I decided to donate to SCRAPS again, as I did last year. I have an extreme soft spot for abandoned and abused animals and wish I could take all of them home with me. But because that isn’t an option, I decided to instead use the donation money to purchase food, treats and toys for the animals, and also spend some time playing with them at the shelter. Ty and I doubled the donation between the two of us, so we were able to purchase quite a bit of products. Attached are some photos of the truckload that we hauled from Costco to SCRAPS.
For those of you who aren’t familiar with SCRAPS, it is the Spokane Regional Animal Protection Service. Quoted from their website: “We are the regional provider of animal protection services to Spokane County and operate the County’s only open-admission animal shelter. On an annual basis, we respond to tens of thousands of requests for service and care for 9,000 – 11,000 domestic animals. Our mission is to save pets, protect people, and build community.”
Again, thank you to Nick and Tyler for allowing this to be a team effort amongst the Seven2 team. I really enjoyed reading each and every one of your stories over the holidays, and I hope you enjoy mine as well. 💓

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