Marcus’ Donation

This year I chose to donate to SCRAPS again. For those unfamiliar, SCRAPS is the Spokane County Regional Animal Protection Services, so basically the animal cops for Spokane. They handle abuse cases and remove animals from harmful situations. They have an animal shelter out on Trent where they care for and adopt out confiscated, homeless, and lost animals.
I matched the Seven2 donation, which allowed me to sponsor 2 cat kennels for the year. These sponsorships provide food, cleaning, supplies, and basic medical care for an animal for a year.
This will be my ninth year donating to SCRAPS, so it’s become a bit of a tradition. This year was also extra meaningful for me, as I’ve lost some beloved pets in recent months. Their loss reinforced how much their presence added to my life, so it was nice to make a donation in their honor. All of the other animals that people have lost this year were also in my heart as I made the donation, so consider it in their honors too. 🙂
There are SO many dogs and cats there right now. It’s the most full I’ve ever seen it. Lots of sweet critters in need of homes, so consider bringing one home and loving it for its ever. You might see a Seven2 plaque if you go. 😉
I can’t express how grateful I am to be able to give to this cause for so long. Thanks to Nick and Tyler for their inspiring generosity, and everyone else that works hard to make this possible.

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