Lindsay’s Donation

Even though we are leaving, Lindsay and I have felt super grateful to work with you all, and are incredibly thankful for this opportunity that Nick and Tyler have given us to donate and impact our community for the better!

We’ve pooled our two donations together for the Union Gospel Mission. Coming and going from work downtown every day it’s hard not to notice Spokane’s growing homeless population. It’s tricky to know the right ways to help, but we’ve always loved what the UGM is doing in Spokane. Shelter food and warmth are pretty basic, but a lot of people are living without right now. UGM helps with that!

Also, UMG has a Motors department where people can donate their cars to benefit homeless people through the Union Gospel Mission. All proceeds from UGM Motors go directly to serving the homeless UGM shelters in Spokane and Coeur d’Alene.

Since we’re moving, that’s where this bad boy (vehicle) is going!

Thanks so much to Nick and Tyler for giving us all this rad opportunity to bless people!

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