Jeremy’s Donation

I am so inspired by how this company continues to help develop a culture of giving in and outside its walls. I chose to give my $250 to a mom and her two boys who have been on the verge of living on the streets since they were evicted from their home a month ago. The situation was out of their control because their home was lost due to the husband leaving the family for his own selfish reasons. This family is working hard to try and make rent on a hotel room, however there are days there is no money to make the next day’s room payment. My family has adopted this mom and her boys in an attempted to help them get into an apartment so they have a warm place to sleep and some stability in life. The $250 has helped to provide some warm clothing for this family who does not have a car so they are spending a lot of time walking to and from work and school.

Thank you again for the gift of generosity and helping my family to provide some cheer at a time of year that can be pretty lonely and difficult.

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