Hanna’s Donation

I truly believe that humans have a God-given task to take care of animals, so I wanted to make sure that my donation would help humans help animals. My husband and I always have our eyes peeled for small ways we can do our part. We often jump out of our car to catch loose dogs and return them home, we recently watched over two baby squirrels who had been injured by a cat, and we just love animals in general.

Bri actually pointed me towards River’s Wish Animal Sanctuary (thank you!). They provide care to neglected, abused, homeless and older animals; not just cats and dogs, but also rabbits, horses, goats, sheep, etc. Though not all of the animals find forever homes, River’s Wish Sanctuary provides them lifelong care and shelter regardless.

Feeding all the animals is a big expense for the Sanctuary; this year they needed 100 tons of hay and $25,000 to pay for it all. I used my donation to become a “Hay Angel,” and donated 25 bales of hay to the Sanctuary. I am really grateful for this opportunity to give back to our community and to work for such a wonderful company that sees value in doing that!! Thank you!

Please enjoy this photo of a rescued sheep named Tracy.

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