Adam’s Donation

A Massive THANK YOU to Nick and Tyler for the opportunity to give and to help be a part of positive change!

This year I chose to donate my money to the Foundation Beyond Belief, which is an organization that upholds values and charitable efforts that are very dear to me. In just the last year, some of their human rights efforts have been to work to end gun violence, support the poorest women in the Puerto Rico hurricane recovery, ending child marriage and enabling girls to enter the education system, and working for a fair and equitable justice system reforms in the US.

“There’s no supernatural power to make this world a better place. It is up to us. Foundation Beyond Belief is humanism at work.” – FBB mission statement

More info can be found at their website:

Once again thank you for the chance to share in the compassion, positivity, and change! It’s such a meaningful opportunity that can’t be overstated. And thank you to everyone for sharing your stories/charities, it’s been very humbling and fascinating reading about them!

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