Avery’s Donation

Thank you Nick and Tyler for giving us this opportunity! What a unique blessing to be able to donate to an organization close to our hearts. For the second year in a row, my donation went to Project Unconditional Love, a nonprofit dedicate to serving Spokane’s homeless pets. Avery Plank, a sophomore at Mt. Spokane, founded …

Jared’s Donation

I donated to https://twloha.com/, To Write Love on her arms, one of my favorite organizations and to https://www.highergroundanimalsanctuary.org/, my fiance’s favorite organization. Thank you!

Cliff’s Donation

Decided to donate to the Against Malaria Foundation. AMF focuses on providing nets to people as an effective way to prevent malaria in Africa. Grateful to be able to donate funds to help save lives and prevent malaria! https://www.againstmalaria.com/ Thank you Nick and Tyler!

Alex Z’s Donation

Thanks Nick, Tyler, and Jeff for this amazing opportunity! I donated to Shriners this year, as its near and dear to my heart.  Shriners has helped over 1.4 million children, all because of donations.

Josh’s Donation

First off, thanks to Nick, Tyler and Jeff for this opportunity every year. This year we donated to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. It cost about $2.8 million a day to run the hospital. They provide no cost treatment to the families in their care. However more importantly they are continually researching cures for childhood …